Classroom Sessions

In Hoops4Life Basketball/Life Skills Camps, each camper experiences one classroom session per day which is led by a camp director.  Classroom sessions focus on building social skills, but also include other themes and points of emphasis which differ each session.  While the structure of our classroom sessions are similar in nature, the curriculum for each week does not require multiple week attendance- each session starts assuming most of the campers are in their first experience- yet is varied to provide a unique and fresh experience to our many campers who attend multiple sessions.  Hoops4Life Basketball/Life Skills Camps have three unique courses which are scheduled in different areas throughout the summer (see full course schedule below).  Campers are encouraged to attend multiple sessions, and will not repeat courses unless they travel to another area.
Hoops4Life Basketball/Life Skills Course #1:  ”Dealing With Challenge and Adversity”

Campers will learn new approaches and ways of thinking for how to deal with adverse situations and challenges in sports, school, and life.  This curriculum deals largely with how successful athletes, students, and people approach challenge and adversity with the right approach and mindset that allows them to be successful.  The emphasis of this course is to help campers understand that dealing with adversity is inevitable in sports and in life; and that there are positive ways in which successful people respond to overcome adversity.  The social skills addressed in this course teach campers how to deal with challenging social situations involving others and strategies they can use to approach challenging conversations or social interactions to be able to reach a positive outcome.

Hoops4Life Basketball/Life Skills Course #2:  ”Respect and Positive Relationships”

Campers will examine different situations where respect is important and how being respectful can help foster and build positive relationships with family members, teammates, classmates, and authority figures such as coaches and teachers.  This course also emphasizes having a responsible relationship with technology and social media, and spends a significant amount of time addressing the growing presence of technology in the lives of youth today.  It addresses themes of using technology and social media responsibly and with good judgment. The social skills addressed in this course will address specific relationship-building scenarios, and how to deal with others in a positive and productive way.

Hoops4Life Basketball/Life Skills Course #3:  ”Education and Grade-Level Preparedness”

Campers will be coached on academic success strategies which they can use in their upcoming year of school.  The emphasis in this course is how being successful in the classroom can create greater opportunities in one’s life.  Campers will hear the perspectives of coaches or sometimes campers that are slightly older than them to help them be prepared for their next school transition (elementary to middle school, middle school to high school).  They will receive academic tips and success strategies from camp staff and be able to hear or participate in a camper panel of older campers providing coaching on academic success strategies.  The social skills addressed in this course will address specific situations that students often encounter in a school setting.

A typical classroom session looks like:
  • Short lecture from a camp director

  • Short video clip or reading connected to the Session theme

  • Participatory thinking activity

  • Social Skill/Role-play/Skit

  • Take home/homework assignment (short, verbal, connected to the day’s lesson)