"All 3 of my kids had a blast at Hoops 4 Life. This is our 3rd year attending & each year they can’t wait for camp to start.  Talk after pick up is all about who might be traded to which team & why... they LOVE it! My oldest now wants to be a Hoops 4 Life coach when he’s old enough! Thanks for putting together such a fun & positive experience for so many kids." -- Carrie 
"It was fun to scrimmage and learn how to shoot lay ups with my left hand" - Kyle, age 6 
"My kids went to camp last week. They had a blast! In the evenings my 13 year old daughter said, 'I have the best team! It’s so much fun.'  My son was equally excited. He didn’t seem to mind one bit that he wasn’t placed with his 'school friends.'  My daughter was disappointed that she can’t be a camper next year - but intrigued by the possibility of being a counselor." --Hillary

"We loved it!! Boys came home tired each night and couldn’t wait for Championship Friday! So well done - thanks for such a great program - it’s a real gift to the community. We’ve got two more weeks of it and can’t wait!" --Jen 

"This has been one of the best camps! My son learned a ton, both about basketball and life, made new friends and can’t wait to go again!" --Julia
"Thanks! [My son] got a lot of good work outs and came home tired out." --Soraya 
"My 10 year old daughter had a blast and said she absolutely wants to do it again next summer!" --Chelsea 
"Organized, fun and inspiring! Requesting more breaks and chill time however." --Jace (11)
"The Hoops4Life camp is truly one of the most wonderful things my boys have participated in for basketball!" --Katie Harnetiaux (parent)

"Henry told me last night it was the best camp (of any kind)  he has ever done and he has done a lot of camps ??. He loved the coaches, all the games they got to play and the life lessons." --Meghan 

"I dropped my son off this morning for his second session in a row and he was greeted by name and with enthusiasm. I was so impressed. He had a great time at Chief Sealth and asked to do another camp and the only opening you had was at Mount Rainier HS. I agreed to get him up a bit earlier and drive him to Des Moines. That moment made it worth the extra effort. This is exactly what [he] needs. You are doing more for him than you can imagine. Thank you so much for recognizing him and being excited to see him back. At least three people greeted him by name. This means the world to me!
Thank you! You put on a great camp and I know it is about so much more than basketball. Thank you to all the coaches for giving it 110% every day! It shows!"
 --Laura Mount

"We're new in town and my son joined Hoops4life camp, best thing ever!!!! He enjoyed playing basketball and improving his skills with a lot of new friends!!! He was super happy and excited in the camp and with his coach. I'm very very grateful with Hoops4life, thanks for doing such a nice work with basketballers" --Marta"We're new in town and my son joined Hoops4life camp, best thing ever!!!! He enjoyed playing basketball and improving his skills with a lot of new friends!!! He was super happy and excited in the camp and with his coach. I'm very very grateful with Hoops4life, thanks for doing such a nice work with basketballers" --Marta

"Luke loves the camp, it is his favorite camp all summer." --Eric 

"Edmund thoroughly enjoyed the whole camp experience and said he would love to come back next year! He said his coach was awesome." --Ning 

“I learned many things not just about basketball, but about life,” -- Brady (12)
"This is the first camp my boys have loved from beginning to end. Every day they talked and talked about how fun it was, and then were super eager to get out the door the next morning! They can’t wait for the next session!" -- Karen

"Thank you for a great session last week. My son went from some trepidation the first day to feeling confident and comfortable by the end of the week AND asking to sign up for another session. The care you and the rest of the team took to ensure his success is greatly appreciated and I know what a huge job you are all doing. Thank you for investing in my children!" --Heather

"My son has absolutely loved your camp this week! I'm not sure he has ever come home happier from a camp or program. He loves the coaches and had so much fun! Thank you for putting on a great program!" --Moya
"I wanted to let you know my son was so pumped about his first day of camp. Kudos to you, the coaches, assistants, staff, and volunteers involved.  Thank you!" --Michelle

"[My son] loves this camp! Every year we see how camp has helped him grow basketball skill sets and personal growth." --Betty

"[My son] attended the first two Chief Sealth sessions and his only regret is not being able to attend the third.  Hands down his favorite camp of the summer!" --Kyle
"Always a fantastic camp! When I asked my son  how many weeks he wanted to attend he said, 'All three, yes, please!' Love the warm welcome and enduring enthusiasm of the young coaches. Thanks for a well-run, close, affordable camp for my boys. Looking forward to having all three of my guys attend, possibly with my oldest as a coach one day!" --Brooke
"Thank you so much for the 'life lessons' and the opportunity for my son, to be at such a well rounded camp. He is excited every day to come to camp and we look forward to the next opportunity to attend next year, or whenever you have a session throughout the year." --Cindy
"This camp is amazing! It's the best camp I've ever been too!" -- Henry (age 7)
"Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you all put in to these camps. We're looking forward to signing up for every session next summer!" --Kaycie Timmons
"From my son from whom compliments and praise are sometimes limited: 'Dad, thank you so much for letting me do Hoops4Life. It was awesome. Can I do it again next year?'" -Cooper (8th Grade)
"This was my first time enrolling my two boys ages 6 & 9 in the Hoops4Life program at Chief Sealth.  This camp really fueled their fire for basketball.  When we got home they would practice their dribbling skills and shoot baskets.  I also overheard my 9 year old quoting things he learned from the life lesson to his little brother!  The coaches were cordial, helpful & positive.  I am so impressed with this camp and will definitely be signing up next summer." --Debra 
"Both my boys had a fantastic time and were so excited to attend camp every day. They came home tired, but "good tired." They enjoyed the teams they were on and the coaches that spent so much time teaching and encouraging them. One came home one day and talked non-stop for 10 minutes, giving me a play-by-play on each skill he had learned and how each play was to be executed with demo! I knew at that moment that  your camp had made a huge impact on him, and he's only in second grade! Thank you for the time, energy and life skills you impart to the kids to encourage them to be their best. Both want to attend next year and multiple camps!" --Sally
"This camp was one of the best camps my boys have experienced. Not only did it help my very advance player but it also made basketball fun for my younger players. The coaches staff was great with all kids and the boys were excited to go everyday. We will be attend next year!" --Melissa
"Out of all the camps I enrolled my kids in this summer, Hoops4Life is at the top of their list.  Not only did they find a new passion for this sport, they thoroughly looked forward to camp each day, gained great skills and confidence and would come home and practice on our neighbor’s hoop after each day. My son adored his camp counselor, my daughter made new friends- all in all, it was a 'win-win' for our family!  My son is already asking to attend all 4 sessions next summer at Chief Sealth! Thanks again!" --Rachel